Perfect Holiday Candles

Perfect Holiday Candles

Whether it's holidays to celebrate, relax, let loose or just be you, it is important to take care of your well being and mental health. In today's world of noise, hectic routine, and constant change, we all need to take a moment to spend time with ourselves and our loved ones to remind us how little things matter to change your mindset, to boost your energy, to calm the storm in us and to just be stress free!

When we fly on an airplane, we hear a safety precaution announcement, in the event of an emergency put your mask on first before others and that simply means to nurture your mind and your body, first!

Spa day, long hot bath, a good read by the fireplace, breezy dinner in the backyard, cherishing joyful memorable moments all calls for a nice candle. Flor Luxury Candles are designed to enhance all those experiences and more. Premium subtle scents are for you to enjoy the aroma slowly spreading in the room without overpowering the ambience. 

Travel to other continents while smelling beautiful pure chemical free 100% organic scents all from the comfort of your place. Candles from the very beginning of time brought light, warmth, coziness and reminded us about love!

Great Thanksgiving, Christmas or Holiday dinner table conversations, birthday celebrations, Yes I do! moments, romantic gestures, self care, yoga, home fresh air all calls for a great candle to be our friend. You light a good candle and just like that your mood is transformed, you feel sense of calmness which makes you relax.

Who doesn't like flowers and amazing fragrant woods? Nature and Flowers all in natural pure organic form! Yes, Flor Luxury Candles are all about that!

We don't just call our candles luxury because it is made in beautiful premium vessels, we call them luxury because we believe that unique incredible flowers, woods, and pureness is what you deserve to enjoy in a candle. 

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